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Lake Placid 

As of this writing, I believe, this is the most complete gallery of Lake Placid Murals that exists on the internet. I could be wrong, of course, but I couldn't find one.

Lake Placid, formerly called Lake Stearns, was chartered on December 1, 1925.  Dr. Melvil Dewey, the inventor of the Dewey Decimal System,  proposed that Lake Stearns change its name to Lake Placid.   On April 29, 1927 the Lake Stearns Commissioners accepted Dr. Dewey's proposal to change the town's name from Lake Stearns to Lake Placid.  Subsequently, they submitted a request to the Florida State Legislature. On June 6, 1927 the Town of Lake Stearns was chartered as Lake Placid.

~ In 2012 it was voted Readers Digest most interesting town.

~ The town has two nicknames—“The Town of Murals and "The Caladium Capital of the World." Lake Placid has more than 40 murals painted on buildings throughout the town,and 98 percent of the world's caladium bulbs come from Lake Placid.

~Lake Placid is also the home of a clown college that, that graduates 25 new clowns a year and lays claim to the only Clown Museum in the world.

(sources: Town of Lake Placid and Wikipedia )

Istokpoga - 40

Cracker Trail Cattle Drive - 01

Artist; Keith Goodson, June 3, 1995 
The mural is 175' long and 30' wide. The original pano is comprised of 23 images using a 24mm TSE with the camera relocated on every 3 shots. The final image is 65" wide and 24" long.
The name "Cracker" comes from the cracking of the whips cowmen used to herd cattle. Cracker Trail drives traveled just north of Lake Placid on what is now Rout 66 and 98

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